The Visco-Elastic Coating & Sealant Solution

STOPAQ supplies a wide range of green visco-elastic solution to protect assets from corrosion and water ingress.

The patented visco-elastic product solutions are produced in two different plants at our sites in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands and Damman, Saudi Arabia. The products are world-wide marketed under the brands of STOPAQ.

Our visco-elastic coatings & sealants are used in many versatile applications ranging from pipelines to subsea piles and from rail to cable joint protection. The applications for the STOPAQ visco-elastic product systems range from onshore & offshore, field & factory applied to subsea and above ground in the most extreme climates.

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Description: Chloride air contamination after blasting before application of liquid coating causing osmosis after 1 year in service!
Description: Bitumen getting brittle; drying out
Description: Previously a PU-2C spray system was specified. Now, the mobilization cost are extremely low. All needed, is a crew, scaf-folding and CZH material. Any hook, shape or diameter pipe can easily be protected. Just cut and paste!
Description: Just 2 men and rolls of Wrappingband CZH and Outerwrap! Fast and Easy Application.
Description: Stiff tapes on top of weldseam
Description: Sleeve disbondment