Description: Chloride air contamination after blasting before application of liquid coating causing osmosis after 1 year in service!
Description: Bitumen getting brittle; drying out
Description: CP on Jetty Pile during application causes disbondment of liquid coating
Description: Blisters due to unsufficient wetting of the surface by liquid coating; air voids
Description: Shrink sleeve application depending on gasheating application skills
Description: Mechanical damage of a bitumen coated pipeline. In time, corrosion spot increased. There is no self-healing effect!
Description: Sulphate Reducing Bacteries causing 1 mm metal loss per year under a liquid coating
Description: Soil to Air transition area; CP does not function
Description: Wrinkling of a standard tape system
Description: Unsufficient protection of weldseam due to tenting of the applied coating system.
Description: OSMOSIS