The guaranteed coating solution

Under strict regulations of the KIWA BRL K911, STOPAQ B.V. warrants their CZH corrosion prevention pipeline products to be free from stability defects caused by defects in materials or manufacturing for a period of thirty years from the date of purchase when the corrosion prevention layer is installed according to latest published directions for each product provided that the application has been executed by STOPAQ certified applicators.

This warranty does not apply to mispretreatment, misapplication, poor workmanship in the application of STOPAQ and other materials used in combination with STOPAQ. STOPAQ's only obligation shall be to repair or resupply, at its exclusive option, that portion of the defective STOPAQ where leaks or corrosions occurs, prorated for time of service.

STOPAQ B.V. shall be liable for no additional remedies, hereby expressly denying any other claims for damages, whether direct or indirect, consequential or incidental, including but not limited to property damage, personal injury to the buyer or to third parties and loss of business or profit arising from the use or inability to use the product.

Any implied warranties arising under local laws are limited to the duration and terms of the express warranty.