General Conditions of Sale

These General Conditions were registered on 26th November 2010 with the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen under number 3432

In these General Conditions (the Conditions) the following terms have the following meaning:
Advice: All (technical) advice given by STOPAQ B.V., including support and service, in whatever form;
Customer: Every natural or legal person with whom STOPAQ B.V. makes a Contract or with whom STOPAQ B.V. negotiates on the making of a contract;
Order: Every assignment of the Customer to STOPAQ B.V., in whatever form, for the delivery of Products and/or Advice;
Contract: Every contract made between STOPAQ B.V. and the Customer, any change or addition thereto, and all (legally binding) transactions for the preparation and performance of the contract;
STOPAQ B.V.: The private limited company STOPAQ B.V., having its registered office in Stadskanaal;
Products: All goods which are the subject-matter of a Contract;
The Conditions form part of all Contracts and apply to all related (legally binding) transactions of STOPAQ B.V. and the Customer.
STOPAQ B.V. explicitly rejects the applicability of any other general or specific conditions or provisions.