Visco-Elastic Behaviour

This behaviour results in three significant differences versus conventional systems:

  • as a result of the very low surface tension, STOPAQ shows an excellent wetting of the steel surface, but also of polymers like PE, PP, FBE etc. This combination of low surface tension and the liquid like behaviour of the polymer, causes impregnation of the steel surfaces, which favours corrosion protection.
  • Because of the liquid like behaviour of the material above and the glass transition temperature being lower than -50c, it will not tear, break, or build up internal stresses.
  • Due to its coldflow characteristics, it will adhere in cold climates of -20 C
Description: Fluid-like character of the CZH raw materials at 23 degrees C
Description: The steel object is protected against corrosion because it is fully immersed. Water and oxygen can not attack!