Advantages of Visco-Elastic Systems

Surface Preparation:
min. ST 2/3 handtool or wirebrush cleaning according ISO 8501

-no tools or special primers needed
-no preheating requirements

Coating System:
STOPAQ Visco-Elastic Corrosion Prevention + a Mechanical Protection Layer

30 years

No risk of:
- osmosis or mic
- no adhesion due to wrong anchorn pattern
- adhesion failure to PE, PP
- application failure
- dust

Sticks also onto:
- Polyethylene
- Polypropylene
- Fusion bonded epoxies

Description: Previously a PU-2C spray system was specified. Now, the mobilization cost are extremely low. All needed, is a crew, scaf-folding and CZH material. Any hook, shape or diameter pipe can easily be protected. Just cut and paste!
Description: Just 2 men and rolls of Wrappingband CZH and Outerwrap! Fast and Easy Application.
Description: Under Outerwrap
Description: Under HI SHIELD - Shrinkable PE