With a very experienced team of trained professionals in solving coating problems, Stopaq's presence in the oil and gas industry is impressive. Our focus is on problem solving through innovative production development. Therefore, STOPAQ also acts as a contractor via STOPAQ Oil & Gas Services. Examples are filling of onshore casings or offshore J-tubes.
The solutions developed for these needs frequently impact our overall R&D efforts so that technologies developed in one market often have new and exciting potential in other markets.

The lastest activity is the protection of Offshore Jetty Piles/Risers.

Description: Molikpaq Platform, Sakhalin, Russia
Description: Platform in action
Description: Filling the annulus space of the J-tube in order to seal the leak at the bell-mouth; as sub-contractor for Saipem SA.
Description: STOPAQ Steam Heated Tank Container on board at the Platform