A Bandage against Rust

A bandage that can seal up a pipeline? This is no dream, but already proven practice. "From the desert to the Actic Sea, STOPAQ remains flexible under any climate conditions. For this reasons, STOPAQ Wrappingband is suitable for the sheathing of pipelines on every continent.

Dr. E. Czech

Great product

Just wanted to thank you again for the great training day on Tuesday 29th Nov 2011. Thanks for passing on your knowledge of this Great product to us!!

I am sure this will really take off in Australia and i will do my best to support and pass on the knowledge of the "Stopaq" Product...

Damien McNiece
Contractor of Origin Gas

Easy to install, tough and durable

Thanks again for training us up in the application of your Stopaq products.
It was very interesting to see and apply a product that was easy to install and yet so tough and durable.

Eddie Nicol
Maintenance Services Pty Ltd