No Microbiological Induced Corrosion Possible

No bacterial growth under STOPAQ Wrappingband.

For the application of STOPAQ Wrappingband a large life span can be guaranteed because microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) on metal transport pipelines is impossible. The conditions for the growth of micro-organisms are very unfavorable:

  • No water available;
  • No nitrogen available for bacterial growth;
  • The wrapping band is produced under sterilizing conditions (high temperature);
  • The basis conditions (pH=8) of the wrapping band prevents the development of SRB (sulfate reducing bacterias);
  • The self-repairing ability of the permanent viscous-elastic fluid material enhances the protective properties.

Many publications showing that STOPAQ technology: is in a class of its own!

  • Low surface tension; diffusion into finest pores of steel surface
  • Adhesion at a molecular level: permanent flow
  • Chemically inert and fully amorphous; no free radicals
  • Non-crosslinked technology: can not crack!
  • Non-crystallinity; can not break-down