Qualified Technology

STOPAQ Corrosion Prevention Products are qualified according the Evaluation Guideline KIWA BRL-K911/02. STOPAQ Wrappingband is approved as a coating material of high mechanical resistance (class C-30).

STOPAQ products consist of chemical substances with a non-polar character and an extremely low permeability for oxygen and water. The products have a low surface tension and a long lasting excellent adhesion on many substrates. The vitrification temperature is very low, so it is applicable in a wide temperature range. It is not necessary to sand, grit or shotblast the substrate prior to the application of STOPAQ; it only has to be clean and dry.

Other achieved qualifications are:

  • NSF for Drinking Water (FN 2100 and Wrappingband CZH)
  • OVGW (Austrian) for the corrosion prevention products