Mission Statement

STOPAQ will continue to develop visco-elastic corrosion prevention, insulation and sealing solutions for the protection of client's valuable infrastructural assets around the world, fulfilling all market requirements for a performance guarantee against corrosion for life, flexibility and permanent bonding power, whilst ensuring respect for the environment and applicator.

We will provide our customers with a worldwide service and support network, which will compliment our products. Ensuring our clients derive maximum benefit from our solutions.

We will fulfill our vision of absolute world leadership in visco-elastic technology within our industry, through innovation, commitment, and service.

Seal for Life Vision

Pursuing world leadership for innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally safe selfhealing visco-elastic solutions, for long term guaranteed protection against damages caused by water infiltration and corrosion. This will be backed by objective consultancy and on-site service for customers around the world.

Description: Entrance Main Building, Head Office STOPAQ B.V.
Description: Head Office STOPAQ B.V., Stadskanaal