The Coating & Sealant of the 21st Century

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The story of STOPAQ begins in the 1970's. Our founder Frans Nooren started the Frans Nooren Waterproofing Contracting company solving many civil construction water problems.
He soon realised that the best way forward was to manufacture his own products that would enable people to work more reliable. Drawing on his practical experience, he set out to improve the sealing technology of fixing waterleaks at house-inlets. The result was the innovative FN2100 Sealing Compound.

This products proved vital to the success of a new generation of coatings & sealants. It also set the Stopaq Company on the path to a future in the anti-corrosion technology. The STOPAQ company was founded in 1988.

STOPAQ holds various patents for its range of anti-corrosion and sealing materials. During the development of STOPAQ, the application conditions were taken into account and special attention has been paid to a good, efficient and simple application. Also extra attention has been paid to safety and environmental aspects during and after application.

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