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Steel object whether in the Petrochemical, Water or other industries represent a huge investment and are required to operate continuously and safely for their entire design life. Anything that detracts from this goal is totally undesirable and every endeavour must be made to prevent all occurrences that might jeopardise the safe and efficient running of the plant and operation. Corrosion is one of those occurrences that will affect the safe and efficient running of the plant with the costs for plant shut down, loss of production, environment contamination and loss of customer confidence running into millions of euros.

Coating degradation problems that lead to the creation of a corrosion risk within the design life of a pipeline can mainly be attributed to one of the following causes:

  • an inappropriate specification for the coating material and/or coating process
  • poor surface preparation and/or application
  • interaction with the operating environment like humidity, salts, winds, temperatures