Turn-Key Hot Installed by Own Trucks

The most effective method for the filling of pipeline casings to date. When the casing is filled with this high dielectric material, water is displaced and any new water with new oxygen is prevented from entering. This eliminates the possibility of corrosion.

STOPAQ Casing Filler is an injected casing filler material, it is far superior to any other coating system yet in the market. This system combines the excellent corrosion prevention properties with the visco-elastic behaviour of STOPAQ. All materials are non-toxic, environmental friendly and easy to install.

It will protect the casing itself from corroding. Even in the absence of ground water. Moisture and condensation are usually present in the atmosphere in the annulus space of the casing. This moisture, together with the oxygen present, can result in corrosion in the carrier pipe. This will not happen when protected by STOPAQ Casing Filler.

STOPAQ offers a maintenance free system for many years to come. This is very important for casings which are not going to be inspected on a regular basis.

The material is applied onsite by a specialised contracting firm STOPAQ Casing Filler B.V. The material is delivered to the job site, by heated tank trucks and pumped down the casing vent as a hot liquid. As it cools down, it firms up to a pasty consistency, creating a high dielectric, corrosion prevention barrier. The products does not cure! It remains flexible forever and therefore seals the objects in the most optimum way. Cathodic protection current flowing through the casing on to the carrier pipe is stopped.

Description: Turn-key Solution. Fully equipped, Casing Filler is poored in the annulus space of the casing by a heated tank truck!
Description: Annulus space of a casing Pipe
Description: Filling job under a long distance lake
Description: Hoze connection from Truck to Casing. At Casing, there is 2 inch connections for filling and venting air.