At tidal zones, STOPAQ Subsea protects against the influence of (salt) water, bacterias and oxygen. The system is developed for usage below and above low tide. The subsea system protects also (sub)merged objects and can easily be applied by divers or ROVs

Splashzone (Seal for Life Services)

Below low tide
STOPAQ Subsea Compound rolls (100mmx6m rolls with 50% overlap)
STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT24 (8"x60ft with 75% overlap)

Above low tide
STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH (200mmx10m)
STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT24 (8"x60ft with 75% overlap)
Decorative liquid coating layer is recommended for improved colour and gloss retention

Subsea (Seal for Life Services)

Below water
In Caisson
STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH
STOPAQ HI Shield or STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC

By divers or ROV
STOPAQ Subsea Compound
STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT24 (8"x 60ft)