STOPAQ Refinery Systems offers total protection against chemical influences.
Keywords: durable, safe and sustainable.

The systems were specially developped for the high safety standards of refineries, from risers to tankbottoms, from tankroofs to leak repair.

-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH + Outerwrap PVC + Outerglass XT (or Polyester with gelcoat or GRE)

Flanges Gasket Protection above ground
-STOPAQ 4200 Filler
-STOPAQ Wrappingband EZ (1.4 mm)
-STOPAQ Flangebelt

Tankbottoms (chime area)
-STOPAQ 4200 Filler of STOPAQ CZ paste (depending on chime width)
-STOPAQ Wrapcoat EZTB (3 mm thickness)

-STOPAQ Wrapcoat EZR (1.4 mm) + suitable liquid coating

Under insulation
-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH

Leak repair (low pressure max. 3 bar)
-STOPAQ Strip clamp
-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH &/or STOPAQ Paste CZH
-STOPAQ Outerwrap PVC
-STOPAQ Outerglass Shield HT

Reinforcement piping
-STOPAQ Steel putty
-STOPAQ Outerglass Shield HT (thickness depending on wall loss, max. 40%)
-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH
-STOPAQ Outerwrap

Horizontal Drilling - FAC system
-STOPAQ Basecoat (0.85mm) + STOPAQ Hardcoat GRE (Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy of 2mm)