Pipelines and platforms need to be safe constructions. Not only for the people, but also for the environment.

STOPAQ Offshore can seal risers, ballast tanks, J-tubes and flanges for life. STOPAQ applications can be found at many big offshore obejects worldwide and offshore pipeline joints. STOPAQ offers total integral solutions including service preparation on board of laybarge vessels.
The joint system offers simple safe and fast turnaround job guaranting 100% adhesion. Mechanical protection is ensured by implementation of tapes, shrinkable sleeves or PU infill.

Fieldjoints (lay barge vessels)
-Concrete Weight Coated, PE, PP and Neoprene Pipelines
1. STOPAQ Wrappingsleeve (60 cm)
2. STOPAQ PU Infill (Foam or Solid)
Note: foam or solid depends on clients specifications

-Concrete Weight Coated, PE,PP and Neoprene Pipelines
a. STOPAQ Wrappingsleeve +
b. STOPAQ High Impact Shield (HI Shield HT for 80°C operating temperatures)

-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZHT + Outerwrap PU + Outerglass Shield HT

Flanges and Gasket Protection
-STOPAQ 4200 Filler
-STOPAQ Wrappingband EZ
-STOPAQ Flangebelt

J-tubes (via Oil & Gas Services B.V.)
-STOPAQ J-Tube Filler

Ballast tanks (knees, coves, corners)
-STOPAQ Wrappingband EZB + suitable liquid coating

Ballast tank piping
-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH
-STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT (2 layers with 50% overlap) or
-STOPAQ Outerwrap (1 layer with 50% overlap)

Christmas Trees
-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH (10mm overlap when wrapping)
-STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT (2 layers with 50% overlap)

Under Insulation
-STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH or CZHT for max. operating temps of 95°C.

Spools (insulation)
-Stopaq Wrappingband CZHT
-Stopaq Outerglass Shield HT