Brand extensions of STOPAQ

The world of STOPAQ is also the world around home and garden. It is easely to understand that there will develop a wide range of STOPAQ products based on the extreme and unique visco-elestic and self-healing features.
In the coming years we will reach the markets worldwide with permanent easy-to-use and selfhealing water-excluding sealants for consumers & semi-professionals who want to protect their home and anything in or around it. Once applied, STOPAQ home-products never comes of.

A special marketing strategy aims directly at clients of Do It Yourself-Stores, and is based on the emotional level of being safe, saving money and keeping the home in perfect condition.

STOPAQ Home is launched under the brand names BLOCKR and STOPAQ Pro.
Also STOPAQ extensions can be delivered as private labels.

-Can be applied at almost any surface (canvas, concrete, nylon, metal, plastic, tiles, woods, concrete and rubber (plumbing jobs))
-Can be painted > invisible (gutters)
-UV-resistant > (roofs)

-Permanent fix & flexible
-Easy to use
-Once applied, it will never come off
-Can be applied under almost any weather circumstance
-Can be applied to almost any surface, like:
canvas, concrete, nylon, all metals, all plastics
and all types of rubber
-Can be painted so it will be invisible
-Gets you back in action fast