Why STOPAQ Flooring applications?

STOPAQ solves most of the traditional flooring problems (blasting, dust, primer drying problems. etc.). STOPAQ means physiologically safe flexible flooring with a good resistance against acids, alkalines and water. They can be produced with decorative coloured quartz sand or chips.
The STOPAQ solutions are immediately applicable on old and new substrates of concrete, ceramic tiles, wood, steelplates. The floor can be easily installed. In the shipbuilding industry, visco-elatic floors are popular under insulation and for vibration and anti-noise reasons.

A combination of STOPAQ and selflevelling,
slipresistant finishes of polyetane, epoxy or MMA systems.

ca. 3-5mm

■ Ready for use in a few hours
■ Floors can be completely installed in half a day
■ Application possible even at low temperatures
■ Various degrees of antiskid finish can be created
■ High durability and abrasion resistance
■ Jointless
■ Hygienic and easy to clean
■ Physiologically safe
■ Suitable for high pressure cleaning
■ Good resistance against acids, alkalines and water
■ Decorative with coloured quartz sand or chips
■ Can be immediately applied on old and new substrates of concrete, ceramic tiles, wood.

Light to medium loaded industrial floors.

Colour quartz mixes or chips