Normally for good cathodically protected steel carrier pipes it is not necessary to construct crossings with casings. Plastic or coated casings are shielding the cathodic protection current and therefore not suitable for cathodic protection of the steel carrier pipe. Complementary measures are necessary to protect it against corrosion. Under certain conditions there is no possibility to check or monitoring the corrosion prevention system inside the casing. The construction of the pipeline and the situation in which the pipeline has to be laid asks for other measures than normally has to be done.

STOPAQ Casing Filler offered by the turn-key installer Oil & Gas Services BV is an excellent anti-corrosion system for our pipelines during a very long period. We saw by research that the system keeps its properties during at least 35 / 40 years. We use it especially as an anti-corrosion system at which the pipeline does not need maintenance. So when we met a problem with a casing we tried to find a solution with the use of an anti-corrosion system. Because the only way to prevent eventually forthcoming corrosion problems is to fill the annulus of the casing with an anti-corrosion system material. Only STOPAQ Casingfiller system we found what could fulfill our demands.

The anti corrosion system used for the casing in combination with the carrier pipe line will give during a very long period prevention against corrosion. The construction can be mentioned maintenance free. Cathodic protection is not necessary and is even not possible because the material will completely cover the metal surface.

Turn-key casing solution
- Displaces and prevents re-entry of water in casings.
- Prevents galvanic and atmospheric corrosion within casings.
- Has good wetting and adhesion characteristics.
- Protects casing from deterioration.
- Reduces cathodic protection current rain.
- Possibly corrects metallic short.
- Totally Inert
- Delivered and installed by heated tank trucks.
- Material installed through calibrated meters.
- Experienced OIL & GAS SERVICES B.V. staff to perform work.
- Equipment available for jobs overseas
- Excellent trackrecord by major European Gas Companies
- Specified by Railinfra Netherlands